(Approved by the committee 2016)

The Club Constitution at Clause 39(1) provides that the Committee may award Life Membership at an Annual General Meeting.

Members may nominate proposed Life members to the Committee in writing at least one month prior to the Meeting for consideration.  Nominations must be proposed and seconded by Members of at least two years standing or may be proposed by the Committee.

The Constitution only provides general guidance to assist in determining eligibility for Life Membership, saying that such membership is to be awarded to persons who have “rendered special services to the [Club] and/or fly-fishing or fly-tying in Tasmania”.

In order to assist this and future Committees the following guidance is proposed in accordance with matters for consideration set out in the Constitution.

Special services to the Club
⦁    Has the nominee been an office bearer of the Club, over what period and in which positions?
⦁    Is the nominee the recipient of the “Clubman Trophy”, and when?
⦁    Has the nominee provided conspicuous other service to the Club (such as contribution to the construction/maintenance of shacks, administrative assistance, editorial contribution, co-ordinating club events etc.)?
Special services to fly-fishing
⦁    Has the nominee been active in representative angling bodies in the State, over what period and in what capacity?
⦁    Has the nominee been a member of government advisory or review bodies which have had beneficial effects for trout fishing or preservation of freshwater aquatic ecosystems, over what period and in what capacity?
⦁    Has the nominee, in the view of the Committee, represented the values and interests of the Club in the above activities?

Special services to fly-tying
⦁    Has the nominee been active in promoting fly-tying in the general community either through teaching or demonstration, in what capacity and over what period?
⦁    Has the nominee been active in promoting fly tying skills within the Club, in what capacity and over what period?
Length of active service
⦁    Has the Nominee been an active member of the club for many years and has promoted fellowship and contributed to the social fabric of the club?
⦁    Has the Nominee assisted and mentored new members with their induction to the club and their enjoyment of fly tying and fly fishing?

February 2016