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Tasmanian Fly Tyers’ Club

                        History Project - Club Presentation 19 April 2016

                                                   PART 1

Origins of the Club

The origins of the Club go back to 1953 when C F (Copper) Giblin, then President of the
STLAA, was lobbying the Adult Education Board to put on a fly tying course as part of its
offerings. The Board finally succumbed and "Copper " prevailed on his mate Bob Peacock to
take the course.

In 1954, Bob took two classes each of twelve students in the first Adult Ed classes and it was
from these that the Club was formed.

After the first course had finished, one of the students, Fred Soars, suggested that it would be
a shame for the group to lose touch and that a club should be formed.

It took a little while for the arrangements to come to fruition but the Club was eventually
formed in August 1956.

An interesting side-light is how the name "Tasmanian Fly Tyers Club" came to be. The
background was that 1954 was the year of THE Royal Tour and Bob Peacock got each of his
24 students to tie 3 flies which were put into a fly box and presented to Prince Phillip.

When discussion of a name for the Club took place, the first name suggested was the Hobart
Fly Tying Club but it was then proposed that the group seek approval to call it the Royal
Tasmanian Fly Tying Club on the basis of the gift to Prince Phillip. This application was
refused and it was decided to drop the "Royal" and call the Club the Tasmanian Fly Tyers

Foundation Membership

There were by general recollection 17 original members of the Club, which had a restricted
membership of 25 members.

Bob Peacock was the foundation President, Fred Soars (Secretary), Athol Burke (Treasurer),
Graeme House, Ray Longden and Jim Terry (Committee members).

The other eleven foundation members were Ray Andrews, T (Mac) Bird, Col Denne, Hedley
Griggs, Bob Hale, Eve Hofto, Alf Knight, Ken Koerbin, Dickie Olds, John Phillips and Tom

Bob Peacock - Founding President

Bob (1900 -1988) lived all his life in the Richmond district, starting trout fishing as a young
lad in the Coal River.
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