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1. Bob Peacock in characteristic pose with whisky in hand c 1980

He turned to fly fishing in the early 1930s and began tying flies soon after. He was taught the
basics of fly tying by Dr Terrance Butler, who was the Club's first Honorary Member. He
was also encouraged by two well-known Northern Tasmanian fly tyers, Max Christensen and
Dick Wigram.

He was very friendly with a group of fly fishermen who based themselves around Tods
Corner, Great Lake. These included Jack (Mum) Hammond and "Jonno" Johnson (of
"Esratew" fame) who became the Club's first Patrons.

Bob fished the Great Lake and the Shannon Rise but in later years built a shack, 'Penstock
Place', on land originally owned by the Allwrights, then leased from the Hydro, at Penstock

Bob was not averse to the odd "snort" of Scotch and was known for his pine box of bottles
which accompanied him whenever he went fishing. He was mainly a "Dewar" man but was
also known to favour "Black and White" or "Johnny Walker"" on occasion.

I remember clearly my first Field Weekend after joining the Club in 1980. It was at Silver
Plains, Lake Sorell, and Bob turned up with his "supplies" for the weekend - his pine box full
of "Black and White". That same weekend Billy Beck was in charge of the Barrel, which
duly arrived but he had forgotten all the gear to tap it - he got heaps!

Bob, in keeping with this tradition, when instituting the Clubman Trophy in 1968, chose the
Johnny Walker man for the purpose but complete with rod and fly.

Bob was President in an active sense until about the time he was made the Club's first Life
Member in 1968. He was made President for life (although I haven't been able to nail down
the date) but after 1968 I understand that one of the three Vice-Presidents usually chaired
meetings until about 1978/79 when the position of Executive Vice-President was formalised.

Bob was also key to the social fabric of the Club and the wine bottlings and BBQ's at
"Bellevue" up until February 1982, when his wife Micki got sick, were legendary.

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