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The Vice
The Vice started as a club monthly newsletter on 17 September 1973, edited by Ambrose

                                Ambrose Haley, Penstock, April 1989
It was first called the "Vice" in February 1975 and Ambrose edited it up to September 1980.
Malcolm Crosse took over as editor from October 1980 and continued up to November
1983/84 ending with issue 112 of June 1984, after which it went into abeyance, replaced by a
short notice of meeting.
In June1999, the "Vice" was revived with Frank Butler as editor until the March issue of
2002. Bruce Barker was then editor from 2002 to 2004, and then Bruce (who was by then
President) and Josh Bradshaw were joint editors up to and including the Winter 2006 Vice
(Volume 5 issue 3). In September 2005 the decision was taken that the "Vice" would become
a quarterly publication. Josh Bradshaw was then editor until Autumn, May 2008 (Volume 5
issue 10). As far as we can tell there was no Volume 6 and there may have been no Vices
between May 2008 and February 2009.
Volume 7 issue 1 (Summer, February 2009) was the first Vice edited by John Smith, our
current President, and he continued as editor up to and including Volume 9 issue 4 (Autumn,
April 2012) , when he handed over to our current editor, Doug Miller commencing Volume10
issue 1 (Winter, August 2102). This most recent iteration of "The Vice" is an inspiration, but
it is clear that it can't be produced without continuing support from the members.
Fly Tying
As noted above, in 1954 Bob Peacock started fly tying classes under the auspices of Adult
Education. According to Graeme House, the first classes were held in a small hall in
Liverpool Street, Hobart.
Bob started off with 2 classes of 12 from which the Club was founded in August 1956. Athol
Burke and Graeme House each stood in for Bob Peacock several times during Bob's tenure
on those occasions when Bob had difficulties getting into town from Richmond.

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