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While the units were being demolished in Brighton another crew was setting up stumps at the
Dee for the rebuilding and the shack reached lock-up stage that same weekend, 4-5 October
1958. It was later lined with masonite sourced gratis from the Government Printer, where it
came protecting the paper delivered to the printery. The bunks were "sprung" with hop bags
sourced gratis from the Cascade Brewery.

                 Installation of stumps for Dee Lagoon shack, 4 October 1958

                      Reconstruction of Dee Lagoon shack, 5 October 1958
Unfortunately, the shack was subject to continual break-ins in which the chattels and
sometimes the fixtures were stolen, and despite at least one of the perpetrators being caught
and convicted (did I hear the name Triffitt mentioned?) the break-ins continued and the Club
sold the shack in 1976.
The second Club shack was the Miena cabin. It had its beginnings about 1960 when the Club
got word of an impending sub-division and at the urging of Graeme House and Ray Longden
the Club bought a block for 25 Pounds (it cost another 25 Pounds for Redvers Terry to survey
it so title could be issued.)
About the same time, Graeme and Ray were staying in the Sidneys’ shack at Dud Bay when
they heard that a partially completed 2-room corrugated iron clad cabin owned by J

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