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History Project - 2nd Club Presentation 20 June 2016
                                                   PART 2

Acquisition of shacks has been a long-term preoccupation of the Club starting from 1958, a
mere two years after the Club's inception and, as some of you will have gathered, it is a pre-
occupation close to my heart as well.
I should say at the outset that what follows is a short summary of the Club's shack history. I
have prepared a more comprehensive version which stretches to 41 pages and I understand
that this will be uploaded to the Club's website for perusal should anyone be interested. It
does include the names of the key players in, and contributors to, all of the emanations of the
various shacks.
The Club's first shack project was at Dee Lagoon, sited on a Forestry lease above the road at
Brownie Bay. Graeme House, Ray Longden and Jim Terry made a day trip on 16 August
1958 to inspect the block and on the way back, after dropping Jim Terry off at Hayes, got
caught in a major flood. They had to back-track and couldn't get home so stayed the night at
Pontville with Graeme's in-laws.

                                     Dee Shack, Brownie Bay c1960
The shack was built using three 2-bedroom accommodation units used at Brighton for
workers on the regional water scheme. They cost the Club 12 Pounds each and were
demolished in sections and carted up to the Dee by Hedley Griggs, one of the members.

    Bridgewater shack being demolished for transport to Dee Lagoon, 4 October 1958
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