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at the AGM. Geoff Watson was chosen by the panel as having tied the best three flies but the
August 1978 "Vice" bemoaned the fact that all members had not participated! (I wonder what
participation rate we'd get today - it's probably worth another go.)
In July-August 1979 another series of five fly tying seminars was arranged by Ray Longden
at the Adult Education Building in Weld Street, South Hobart but this was not a success and
set back the cause of tying in the Club until the 1993 revival.
In 1993, in order to encourage more formal fly tying in the Club (not surprisingly, the same
driver as in former years), the winter fly tying weekend was initiated. Originally it was
planned for the Dago Point shack at Lake Sorell but interest was such that it was relocated to
the Tiger Hut at Liawenee. Macca was the organiser and it got underway in early June 1993.
The catering for the first Tie-In was based around having our Saturday evening meal at the
Miena Hotel; however, the weather and the clamp on imbibing knowing we had to drive back
to Liawenee saw future Tie-Ins catered for in-house along the lines that continue up to the

                       Tiger Hut Fly Tying weekend, Liawenee, June 2005
Except for three years, 2000 to 2002, when the Tie-In moved to the Far South resort at Port
Esperance, the Tie-In has been held at the 'Tiger Hut', Liawenee. Macca handed the
organisational reins over to Cubby and Stokesy in 2007, who continue to run a very smooth
operation. It really is a signature event for the Club and has just clocked up its 24th year on
the activities calendar.
In 1994 Macca (1994-2007), and I (1994 - present) both started Club fly tying nights at our
respective homes. Me on a Monday night and Macca on Wednesday. In 2008 when Macca
was about to sell his Acton property and move to Tranmere, Doug Miller took over the
Wednesday Club fly tying at his home, which continues to the present.
As part of these nights a few fly tying material dyeing workshops have been held at both
Macca's Acton residence and my Dynnyrne place as well as two more recent joint workshops
at Macca's new Tranmere establishment. These have proved very popular.

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