2023 John Fowler Trophy
Tuesday June 6 2023 5:34 am

About the Event :
John Fowler Fishing in Friendship Trophy Scoreboard

Name Number Caught Date Comments
Jason Garrett / Adrian Hope2817/03/2023Wets in the morning and drys in the afternoon, great day out.
Chris Medwin / Dave Long2429/04/2023Nice session on pine to finish off the year, pulling loche style.
Glenn Szalman / Adrian Scott2202/04/2023Tyenna River, Dry dropper Nymphing mostly on nymphs
Chris Berndt / James Jones1920/02/2023Shannon River at Hermitage - mostly on a Brian West grasshopper pattern
Tim Urbanc / Tim Lewis1201/04/2023Penstock TU 8 TL 4, 10 nymphing, 2 on the dry.
Doug Miller / Lyndon Cubbins810/03/2023Penstock with almost all on the dry
Ian Stokes / David Young531/01/2023Interesting day on East Augusta (dam) fishing from a boat. 3 rainbows and 2 browns
Noel Wilson / Andrew Hood415/03/2023Very enjoyable day on Penstock
Martin Exel / Craig Granquist324/03/2023Lake Pedder
Denis Abbott / Andrew Reed217/03/2023Dry fly fishing on Penstock Lagoon
Wayne Bellette / Sam Crow208/04/2023Penstock in a gale. Tough work but great company
Tony Abel / David Hemmings
Elliott Blackwood / Chris Hilton
Alex Green / Eric Howard
Damian Hingston / Brian West
Peter Langton / Michael Bourne
James Mackay / Norm Cribbin
Paul Markey / Scott Haslock
John Smith / Anna Bellette
John Spencer / Tony Dell
David Travalia / Dylan Cassidy

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