2019 John Fowler Trophy
Monday August 19 2019 7:08 am

About the Event :
John Fowler Fishing in Friendship Trophy Scoreboard

Name Number Caught Date Comments
Eric Howard / Lyndon Cubbins1703/04/2019Penstock. Most fish caught on chartreuse beadhead shreks.
Bruce Barker / Tony Dell908/12/2018Arthurs Lake - Cowpaddock, found a nice patch of fish in the lee of Hut Point taking damsels. Very companionable, enjoyable day.
Denis Abbott / Bill Beck415/03/2019Little Pine on the dry
Noel Wilson / Mark Quinane430/10/2018A very pleasant day on Penstock with 2 browns each boated on a pretty tough fishing day
Anna Bellette / Brian McCullagh214/04/2019Penstock, caught on dries.
Peter Langton / Andrew Hood129/03/2019Tyenna River. A pleasant day but with disappointing lack of fishing activity.
Paul Markey / Craig Granquist117/03/201919 Lagoons. A few fish seen. Only 1 willing to eat a fly.
Doug Miller / Tim Lewis122/03/2019Little Pine, many fish up but very difficult to connect with. Great day fishing.
Tony Abel / James Jones
Mark Aspinall / David Young
Wayne Bellette / Tim Munro
Chris Berndt / Chris Medwin
Stephen Butler / Andrew Blackwood
Glenn Cannell / Chris Hilton
Malcolm Crosse / Brian West
Stewart Edwards / Michael Bourne
Jason Garrett / David Hemmings
Nick Ingles / Peter Murphy
Danny Rimmer / David Travalia
Adrian Scott / James Mackay
Colin Shepherd / Peter Trott
John Spencer / Glenn Szalman
Ian Stokes / Andrew Reed
Tim Urbanc / Chris Roberts

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