2020 John Fowler Trophy
Thursday August 13 2020 9:18 am

About the Event :
John Fowler Fishing in Friendship Trophy Scoreboard

Name Number Caught Date Comments
Eric Howard / Chris Medwin1302/02/2020Tyenna- great day
Noel Wilson / Glenn Szalman1223/02/2020A great day on Penstock on a bright sunny day
Brian West / Ian Stokes413/02/2020Arthurs. Fished northern end of the lake. Few fish midging early then very quiet.
Tony Dell / Denis Abbott315/01/2020Penstock Lagoon
Andrew Hood / David Hemmings112/03/2020Brumbys Creek. A superb day fishing a very low level Brumbys. Many fish sighted on spinner on the edges but extremely spooky.
Chris Hilton / Tim Lewis009/03/2020Little Pine, very calm conditions, managed to have a few touches, plenty of duns but no fish onto them, good company.
Tony Abel / Andrew Blackwood
Anna Bellette / Andrew Reed
Wayne Bellette / James Mackay
Bryn Carman / Michael Bourne
Dylan Cassidy / Tim Munro
Lyndon Cubbins / Paul Markey
Craig Granquist / John Spencer
Nick Ingles / Dave Long
James Jones / Malcolm Crosse
Peter Langton / Mark Aspinall
Doug Miller / David Young
Ranald Moore / Tim Urbanc
Peter Murphy / Stephen Butler
Neil Pinkard / Mark Quinane
Di Richards / Glenn Eggleton
Danny Rimmer / John Smith
David Travalia / Brian McCullagh

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