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Findlayson was for sale for removal. Ray hightailed it to the Finlayson joinery shop at
Moonah on the Monday morning and bought the shack for 100 Pounds.

                           Moving the Miena shack from Dud Bay, 1960
Ambrose Haley arranged for a contractor from Waddamana to move it to the Club's block
and it was originally located on the side of the old Great Lake road. With the lake level due to
rise, the road was re-routed in 1971 and we lost some of our block and had to have the shack
moved back to where it is now, having received as compensation a bit of additional land at
the rear.
Sometime after that move, the front "honeymoon suite" was added and in 1974 the next
major renovation took place, which added a porch and a bathroom and extended the kitchen
out to the same alignment as the front bedroom.

                        Second major extension to Miena shack, July 1974
In 1986-7, there was another major refurbishment including new bunks and mattresses in the
main bedroom, new vinyl flooring, new stove and range hood plus painting inside and out.
By 1991 there was again discussion of upgrading the Miena cabin and in 1993 the first
discussion of installing a septic toilet system took place. By November 1994 Ray Longden
and the Building Sub-Committee had come up with an excellent plan for a 2.5 square
extension which Ken Fisher had estimated as costing about $6,500.00.

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