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The first BBQ at "Bendeveron", our Patron John Fowler's farm at Bothwell, was in April
1981. After John's death in 1984, Barbara continued the tradition. The "Bendeveron" Pig
Roast continued an almost unbroken run, mostly organised by the Crosse/Scrim team (but
also augmented at various times by Don Hammond, John O'Halloran and probably others)
from 1981 to 1998, more than 15 years, and in 1983 the wine bottling /wine purchase side of
the Club's social activities transferred there from "Bellevue".

 Tree planting in memory of our late Patron John Fowler at "Bendeveron" BBQ, April

After bulk port became difficult and expensive to source, Tony Abel and team arranged a
supply of very palatable clean-skin wines for us to buy in conjunction with the day, and
Andrew Hood also provided some of his Wellington wines at a Club discount.
The pig roast/barbecue has also been held at least eleven times between 1994 and 2015 at the
Salmon Ponds in conjunction with our casting competition. In 2013 and 2014 we enjoyed
the hospitality of Ross Scrim and his wife Pamela at Woodbridge for our barbecue and
casting day.

   Heather Noga, Pete Fay and Tony Dell, Salmon Ponds BBQ and Casting day c2002
There has also been a long tradition of Club Dinners, usually in July before the Trout Season
opens. The first of these appears to have occurred in July 1975 at the York Hotel, Granton

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