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TFTC Club caravan, Interlaken 1980, David O'Brien in foreground
It spent time at Lagoon of Islands and Lake Pedder and was carted to Silver Plains a couple
of times for Field Weekends, but spent a good deal of its time at John Fowler's property
"Bendeveron" at Bothwell because the Club could not get a permanent parking spot in the
lakes area.
By 1986 the gloss had worn off both the idea and fact of the caravan, and it was sold to one
of our members for a good price of $2,300.00, only $200 less than we paid for it.

Field Weekends
Field weekends have always been a key part of the Club's activities. They were generally
focussed around Club shacks in the early days, particularly the Dee Cabin , but also the
Great Lake Cabin.
The re-emergent theme with field weekends has been to go wherever the best fishing was and
this led to some memorable field trips to such places as Lagoon of Islands in its heyday, Lake
Pedder, Silver Plains (Lake Sorell), Dover when the Salmon had escaped, Lake Weasel and
latterly both the Dennistoun Dams and Lake Weasel.
There have also been long-standing camping field weekends to the western lakes and trips to
Lake Burbury

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