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reel donated by Bob Peacock) for highest aggregate score. Graham Carter won the accuracy
and Ken Koerbin the distance.

             Club BBQ and casting day "Inverquarity", Campania, March 1977
The Headley Griggs Casting Trophy was the Club's first casting trophy, named after a
Founding Member. As I understand, it was donated by the Club to the STLAA which held a
yearly casting competition at the Salmon Ponds. Competition for the Headley Griggs Trophy
was restricted to members of the Tasmanian Fly Tyers Club. I believe the late Jim Terry was
the first winner of the Trophy, but an intense rivalry developed between Jim and the late Joe
Martak. Joe ended up winning the Trophy so often that interest started to wane and I believe
the trophy was given to Joe to keep.
On 16 March 1975 at Salmon Ponds, Joe Martak once again won the Hedley Griggs
Memorial Trophy.

                                                 Joe Martak
The Club was fortunate in 1980 to have Mel Kreiger address its November meeting on
casting dynamics, and he subsequently gave approval for us to republish his 1979 American
Fly Fisherman article on that subject in the February and March 1981 editions of the "Vice".
His visit had a very positive impact on members and their approach to casting. I sent to the

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