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US for his two videos (VCR in those days) and had to get then re-formatted to view, and I
shared them fairly widely at the time.
Between 1994 and 2015, we have held our casting day at least eleven times at the Salmon
Ponds. In 2011 we had our casting day on the Lawns at "Bendeveron" in conjunction with the
spit roast . In 2013 and 2014 we enjoyed the hospitality of Ross Scrim and his wife Pamela at
Woodbridge for our barbecue and casting day.

John Spencer, Heather Noga and David Hemmings in preparation for casting, Salmon
Ponds, March 2009
In recent years David Hemmings, ably assisted by Bruce Barker and Tim Munroe (all
qualified Master Casters) have re-vitalised the Club's interest in casting activities and, besides
re-vitalising the Hedley Griggs Trophy as the Wet Fly casting event, introduced the Margaret
Knight Dry Fly event in honour of the late Marg Knight, the Club's second and long-standing,
female member.

Margaret Knight showing her casting style, Salmon Ponds, March 2009

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