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TFTC Lake Ada Field Weekend February 1975
The Family Days at Snowy Range were always greatly anticipated and more than a few
children and grand-children of Club members caught their first trout/salmon at Snowy Range.
A very popular field weekend on the Macquarie was organised for many years by Noel
Wilson out of the Ross caravan park and has latterly been taken over by Craig Granquist and
for the last 3 years has been based out of a cottage on Mt Morriston.

 Members tuning up their casting at Ross Caravan Park prior to a Macquarie mission,
                                              November 2009

Casting has always been an element of interest to the Club. As far back as 1956 when newly
established and meeting at the Albion Hotel in Elizabeth Street, a guest speaker (who?) who
was a notable angler and caster, demonstrated casting outside the Albion Hotel, the Club's
first meeting venue (at the entrance to Cat and Fiddle Lane), across Elizabeth Street.
The first Club casting competition and barbecue seems to have been held in March 1977 at
the "Invaquarity" property at Campania. It was attended by 23 members, friends and families
and was judged an outstanding success, to be repeated. Joe Martak won the main trophy (a

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