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Miena shack rear extension at lock-up stage, July 1995
The extension was completed by season opening, August 1996 and included a new toilet shed
which replaced the old telephone box "thunderbox" long-drop, a front deck as well as flash
re-cycled carpet in the shack acquired from the then State Treasurer, Tony Rundle's office in
the Lands Building, which was conveniently being refurbished at that time.
By 2002 the plan for a septic toilet had finally come to fruition via Ken Fisher and Macca,
using Robbie Dykes as plumber, and a woodshed was built and tank installed by volunteers
managed by Brian McCullagh, adjacent to the toilet, to provide storage and increased roof
catchment for the tank to run the toilet.

New toilet shed, Miena cabin, April 1995 (note old telephone "Thunderbox" to right of

Framing for woodshed, Miena 2002

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