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Little Pine shack, c1984 (photo: Gilmour family)

Because of the lack of creature comforts, the shack was little used. Its proximity to the more
comfortable Miena shack, which has electricity connected, was probably also a factor in its
under utilisation. So, when Peter Thiessen bought the land the shack was on and advised the
Club that rental for the site would in future be $50 per annum, it was decided in October 1978
to propose to the Members its sale.

There was agitation going on by anglers at this time for the Government to acquire the land
around Little Pine, so sale was placed in abeyance pending the outcome. The acquisition
occurred and the shack owners were granted Crown Land licences.

As a result, options to upgrade the shack were then canvassed, but by May 1984 it was
decided to sell the shack. In August 1984 tenders for the shack's sale were advertised in state
daily newspapers and interstate angling clubs which may have an interest were notified.

In the event, Don Gilmour and family purchased the shack for $2,500.00 and demolished it to
build a new shack.

The only two photos we have of the shack are courtesy of Martin Gilmour, taken just before
its demolition.

The Dago Point cabin at Lake Sorell was the next of the Club's building projects and it had a
very long gestation. It was first mooted in 1974 and was finally commenced in 1990. As
usual the funding proved to be the biggest hurdle. It was funded using Club cash reserves and
loans from members.

Geoff Watson took the lead role and Lynden Cubbins, Don Hammond, Jim Davis and John
O'Halloran were all key players.

Geoff Watson managed the pouring of the slab and Topline Garages then erected the building
which was to lock-up stage by May 1990. The fit-out was quickly underway with Jim Davis
milling the pine for framing the shack and Ken Fisher machining it.

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